Community Concert

October 27, 2019 @ 2:00 pm
Heart of Many Ways
68 Mountain St
Haydenville, MA 01039
Heart of Many Ways

Tim Hillwood
Tim Hillwood has been playing acoustic and electric guitar since the age of
fifteen and usually prefers the multi-faceted sound of using a finger-style
rather than pick approach, for creating broad possibilities on the instrument.
Tim has been influenced by such icons as Pat Metheny, Michael Hedges
and Larry Carlton. He has played for many events and weddings.
The solo instrumental compositions are uniquely his own, and he enjoys
improvising and backing up song-writers and vocalists as well. Whether
bold and energetic or smooth and mood-evoking, the soul essence of each
piece seeks to inspire the spirit and imagination in some way.
Tim’s website is He has produced an acoustic CD
entitled “Venture Out”

Rebecca Hazlitt
Guitar, Harp and vocals
Rebecca Hazlitt’s music career started out as a folky single, guitar and
voice, playing in restaurants in Jackson, Wyoming. Always a singer,
Rebecca’s earliest influence was Joan Baez. Later Linda Ronstadt, then
Patsy Cline provided inspiration.
When the family moved to Austin, Texas, she played with an acoustic
trio, Ladyfingers, and various country bands. A further move to Missoula,
Montana with her mountain loving husband gave her the opportunity to play
in several more rock and country bands before establishing “Rydyr”, which
became the house band in two clubs for eight years. They played
everything from Doris Day to Billy Idol, with a whole lot of classic country in

Her musical direction shifted when the “Chalice of Repose Project” school
opened its doors, sponsored by a Missoula hospital. There she took a 2
year Master’s course and completed a 1 year internship as a Music-
Thanatologist -being trained in hospice work, to play harp and sing at the
bedside of the dying, a vocation she pursues to date.
Rebecca loves to offer her music in a variety of venues and feels honored
to be involved with Heart of Many Ways in Eureka Springs, Arkansas..

Joshua Irwin
Joshua Irwin comes from a long line of musicians and started playing piano
for his grandfather, at the age of four. As a teenager he switched to guitar,
which has been his primary instrument ever since. One of his earliest
musical influences was the spiritual music of Rich Mullens.
In his 20’s he moved away from his 9 brothers and sisters to Nashville,
where he was surrounded by a wide range of musical talent and received
what he endearingly refers to as his “Underground Education.” He drew
much inspiration, especially from John Hines as well as George and Dave
As a young adult, Joshua traveled across the country on a musical caravan
and later toured the US with the duo “The Golden Ticket,” making a stop in
Eureka Springs in 2010. He was most recently a part of The Celtic
Cowboys, out of Fort Worth
Now as a husband and father, his inspiration and heartwarming lyrics are
drawn from his family, and concerts have been more locally oriented,
ranging from weddings, theaters, restaurants, bars and private events. He

has a playful way of putting words to music which soothes the soul and
stokes the fires of imagination.

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